MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Accessories to allow rapid creation of powerful MEprotect-based protection systems Comprehensive set of optional accessories to complement the power of MEprotect relays for designing and building cost-effective, reliable and high-quality electrical asset protection applications.

Relay expansion modules

Extend the power of the relay with: - Additional digital IO (8x DIN, 4x Relay DOT) - RTD sensors (4ch. or 8ch. modules) - PT100, PT1000, NTC, or PTC - 4-20mA IO (2x AIN, 2x AOT) incl. PID control blocks - Ethernet expansion module (Modbus TCP, Profinet)

CT module blocks (with voltage sensing up to 550Vac)

Select the appropriate CT module block for the application (0.1A to 300A models available). Note: for larger currents - or for MV applications - use external CTs and VTs with model MEP0400 interposing module block.

Core balance CTs

MEprotect offers core balance CTs (CBCT) in various ratings and cable-window geometries/sizes. Alternatively, user-supplied CBCTs with 1A secondary current can be used with MEprotect relays.

HMIs / Graphical Operator Terminals

MEprotect can work completely autonomously without any HMI. If local access is needed for operating equipment (on/off); for monitoring live equipment status: or making setting changes, two HMIs are offered: - 7" full TFT colour touch screen or - 3.8" greyscale touchscreen with 4 backlight colours representing relay status The HMI can be mounted up to 100m (Ethernet cable) or 1000m (RS485 cable) distance from its MEprotect relay.

Other accessories

- External memory module (for storing MEprotect relay's configuration, allowing one-step relay programming, e.g. after replacement) - LV Insulation lockout module, used to prevent the closure of main contactor onto an earth fault - LV Voltage converter module - used when measuring phase voltage >550Vac (max. = 1050Vac)