MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur

The easiest way to acquire perfect images

In the growing market of Surface Vision and Machine Vision solutions, image quality, high resolution and ease of integration are becoming more and more important success factors. For several decades, Mitsubishi Electric has been the worldwide leading supplier of CMOS chip-based Contact Image Sensors (CIS) for professional image capture. These sensors, also known as Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bars, feature not only highest image quality, resolution and line rate, but also a very compact design ideal for integration in machines or mechanical devices. Our Line Scan Bar is a great alternative to well-known line scan cameras, and it also offers a whole series of additional benefits. Due to it unique design, it incorporates all important components of a complete Image Acquisition System, the sensor, the optics and the illumination. All pre-calibrated to keep the tasks before start-up to a minimum. Another stand- alone feature is the telecentric viewing angle based on the fact that the sensor is slightly wider than the web that is scanned. A telecentric view means no distortions towards the outside edges and highest precision for measuring tasks. Thanks to its easy installation, any replacement of the Line Scan Bar that is required can be done by the in-house technicians. There are no costs for deployment of service staff, which means enormous savings potential for the end-user and the system integrator or machine manufacturer.

Example of use - Quality and process control in Li-ion Battery production

Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar is suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Surface Inspection: Lithium-ion Batteries, Paper, Foil, Textiles, Metal
  • Quality monitoring: Circuit boards, Wafers, Solar panels, Flat panel
  • Print inspection: Paper, Foil, Textile
  • Optical security features: Holograms, Foil elements, Bank notes and ID's

Compact design

Due to its very compact design, the Line Scan Bar only requires a fraction of the space that a system still based on line scan cameras would need, and makes it suitable for space sensitive applications. This allows system integrators and machine manufacturers more installation options and important cost savings.

Integrated LED illumination

A highly intensive and homogeneous LED illumination is integrated directly in the frame of the sensor housing. The illumination is therefore always optimally aligned to the sensor. Cumbersome calibration and alignment of external light sources is unnecessary. Our sensors are also optionally available without integrated LED illumination.


The image is captured line-by-line, and this data is then composited into a complete image by a frame grabber card. An essential part of the Line Scan Bar is the ‘Grin lens’ – a gradient-index lens, allowing distortion-free 1:1 representation of the object on the sensor surface, thereby crucially contributing to the high image recording quality.

True-colour images

The sensor is a trilinear sensor, i.e. it has a separate sensitive area for red, green and blue light. For simple applications, the sensor is also available in a monochrome version that only detects gray values.

RGB Image Acquisition for Standard Applications

Our Line Scan Bars with CameraLink interface are suitable for most of todays web- or sheet based applications. The scanning width reaches from 309mm up to 1688mm. All the Line Scan Bar sensors are equipped with a tri-linear CMOS sensor set-up, that allows you to capture true-color images. Most of the Line Scan Bars are available with and without integrated illumination to match all sorts of demanding inspection applications.

RGB Image Acquisition for High Speed Applications

For those applications that require high-speed image capturing. We have equipped our Line Scan Bars with the CoaXpress interface, that allows high-speed data transmission. The scanning width reaches from 367mm up to 1688mm. All our Line Scan Bars with CXP interface have an internal binning function that allows you to increase the scanning speed even more.

Monochrome Image Acquisition

Whenever b/w images are sufficient, we recommend our Monochrome Line Scan Bars with CameraLink interface. Starting with a scanning width of 309mm, they go up to 926mm. This type of Line Scan Bar is available with and without integrated illumination to match your requirements