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What are the requirements for the electronics industry?

In the electronics market, complex, repetitive and time-consuming tasks are still often performed manually. But robotics is becoming increasingly important, not only for component handling. Robots can use their strengths for assembly, soldering and quality control of small parts on printed circuit boards. The automation leads to complete independence from operator error, higher quality, and improved traceability in all processes.

Printed circuit boards are the basis of every electronic product and must therefore be thought out, designed and manufactured to perfection to ensure high quality products. When handling electronic components, such as assembling, and testing circuit boards, uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) can jeopardize product integrity.

What are Mitsubishi Electric's certified solutions?

Robot with ESD certification

Mitsubishi Electric offers ESD-certified robots, issued by the ESD Akademie, which have some variations from standard models, allowing them to protect components from sudden discharges that could compromise the final product. The ESD version is ideal for all types of applications involving handling of printed circuit boards: assembly and inspection of connectors and/or other components, functional and in-circuit testing, soldering and packaging of electronic boards.

Robot with ISO Class certification

These robots also have cleanroom certification (ISO Class) issued by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute, the certifying body for this type of regulation. This is a certification that is in high demand in the electronics industry, where clean-room tests with forced air recirculation are often performed to prevent microparticles from coming into contact with the product and contaminating it.

Sony's TV line is fully automated with our MELFA industrial robots!

Thanks to the implementation of our robots, Sony has set up a fully automated TV production line, thus exporting Japanese quality all over the world. Within the production line, each station has different tasks: handling electronic components, quality control, assembly, and packaging.

Watch the full video here!

Watch the full video here!

Public source: Sony Youtube channel

Some application examples

Advanced features, integration and tracking

iQ-R integration

The FR family robots are also available in an integrated version with the iQ-R platform, offering several advantages, such as enabling "cooperative control" and "collision avoidance" functions. In addition, a module enabling communication with the SECS/GEM protocol is also available.

The integrated robot-PLC solution allows a single system to be programmed with global variables, as well as the ability to transfer data in OPC UA or MQTT directly to the cloud via dedicated PLC modules.

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Advanced function for force sensor control

The robot can sense the force applied when assembling, machining parts, or inserting delicate components, enabling it to perform work that requires force adjustment and force sensing.

Main features

  • Controlling the robot so that it accurately follows the profile of a workpiece
  • Reduction of 60% in tact times due to AI functions
  • Allows operation with a specific user-defined force
  • Traceability of position and force data at the time of contact

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MELFA Smart Plus

MELFA Smart Plus is an option provided to MELFA FRvrobots series with next-generation intelligence. Inserting a MELFA Smart Plus board into the robot controller enables a number of intelligent functions, such as temperature compensation of the robotic arm to increase positioning accuracy. This improves the capability and performance of the system.

This feature is ideal for tasks where high precision is required, such as the assembly of small components like integrated circuits found on electronic boards.

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AI for the electronics market


On a PCB function testing unit built into a servo motor, jig deterioration (distortion/soiling of conductive pin, etc.) prevents normal tests from being performed. With the current criteria, there are problems such as unsuccessful attempts and delayed response, therefore the appropriate timing to perform maintenance work is unclear.


MaiLab monitors FCT test measuring value trends and detects errors that require maintenance work. Reduce equipment stops without remedial action for checks alone and work that wouldn’t have been necessary if remedial action was taken when signs were first detected.


MELSOFT VIXIO is a software that enables visual inspections using devices such as cameras. In addition, the system makes it easy and intuitive to train an AI model to perform image analysis and quality control.


- AI algorithm with high speed and accuracy, ideal for factory automation.
- Simple operation settings without programming
- Improved traceability and detection of anomalies and bad spots

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What happens in our factories? Find out how our ROBOTS manipulate electronic boards for INVERTER production.


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Discover our solutions for the electronics market!

For more information about our robots developed to meet the requirements of the electronics market, you can consult our brochure, where you will find:

  • Solutions for the electronics market
  • Information regarding the product range
  • Integrated functions

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Working with Mitsubishi Electric opens new perspectives for companies, enabling them to effectively meet the challenges of today's electronics industry. Innovative solutions, flexibility, and a commitment to sustainability make Mitsubishi Electric a partner that can support companies to succeed in a dynamic and competitive market.

Current trends in the electronics industry:

  • A growing environmental awareness among consumers,
  • the widespread use of artificial intelligence-based solutions, and the search for new materials for electronic devices and components.

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