MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur

Vision guided machining and robotics

Mitsubishi Electric and e-F@ctory Partner Datalogic have developed a solution to integrate vision with automation controllers on the shop floor to improve productivity.

The Datalogic machine vision product line up encompasses a wide range of inspection equipment, from vision sensors to high end vision processors to improve production. Linked to Mitsubishi Electric’s renowned ultra-reliable iQ Platform controller, the two represent the perfect combination for high precision robot control in small to high end vision systems.

Datalogic’s complete family of high performance smart cameras and embedded machine vision systems utilize the same software across all products. The hardware consists of vision sensors, smart cameras, and vision processors. These products are specifically designed and developed to meet all your manufacturing inspection requirements and to get your application up and running faster.

Completing the loop

In addition to fault position detection, vital information such as the amount of parts that have passed or failed inspection, production batch numbers, production instances can all be directly sent to the control system for further data manipulation. By integrating Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Platform - especially using the MES interface IT module, this vital data can be directly transported to enterprise level software systems for further integration into production reports for production and factory management.

Datalogic's Vision Program Manager provides hundreds of image processing and analysis functions. Use VPM to enhance images, locate features, measure objects, check for presence and read text and bar codes.