MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur

Solutions for Slitter and Trimming

  • Meander correction
  • Electric energy leveling
  • Tension detection sensor

Solution overview

Improving shape and slit position accuracyMeander correction
Efficient energy usageElectric energy levelling
Improving tension stability on accelerationTension detection sensor
Detect position of coating on substrateCalibrated measurement with Line Scan Bar camera

Solution details

Improving shape and slit position accuracy

Install an edge sensor and control the horizontal position of the material to improve shape and cutting accuracy.

Meander correction control Function Block (FB) enables easy realisation of meander correction in various processes such as winding, unwinding, and in between.

Efficient energy usage

Level unwinding drive and winding drive energy to achieve an energy-saving system by connecting to a common power bus and using power regeneration converters.

  • Electrical energy generated by unwinding drive is consumed by winding drive.
  • This eliminates the need for regenerative resistance in the unwinding drive, reducing heat generation and panel space.

Improving tension stability on acceleration

A lineup of tension detection sensors with rated loads and shapes for machine installation and measurement ranges.

The built-in sensors of all models are equipped with shock-resistant and highly durable differential transformers that enable stable tension detection.

Detect position of coating on substrate

Control edge position of foil and coating. Line Scan Bar Sensors provide real-time measurement of foil and coating position to adjust slitting knives.

  • Use of the latest Line Scan Bar camera technology with calibrated image capture
  • Edge detection and high precision measurement of coating width.
  • Use the Qi<+>PRO software solution to adjust knife position in real-time.