MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Improve the way your production machinery uses energy

Significantly reduce asset energy profiles, lower your environmental impact, cut production energy costs - Mitsubishi Electric will get you there. 

Whether you’re an OEM or end user manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric’s range of drives and servos can be easily integrated into production equipment, giving your business a powerful advantage in today’s market.

Need to improve the way your production machinery uses energy?

Need to get started? 

  • Energy consultancy services
  • Site or building energy audits
  • Carbon audits
  • Self help tools

Looking for energy efficient equipment?

  • Inverter solutions
  • Servo solutionsI

Manufacturing made sustainable

Read how Mitsubishi Electric Group has been implementing their environmental plan since 1993 and increased efficiencies since 1993 with a Power Factor (PF) of 92% by implementation our servo motors, increased regenerative energy and reduced water usage and CO2 emissions.

Energy saving strategies and solutions

Looking to reduce the environmental impact of your production machinery?

As one of industry’s highest energy users, we're certain you are all too aware of the need to cut carbon throughout every stage of your production. If you are an OEM, you'll also recognise the value of energy efficiency when bringing new machines to market.

We are able to provide a detailed energy consultancy service, which simplifies the process of emissions reduction across manufacturing sites. We’ll calculate your footprint and then develop a plan that delivers lasting success for your sustainability strategy.

Does your business need to cut energy costs across production?

Energy Cost & Payback Calculation

At Mitsubishi Electric, we believe it’s important to adopt a systematic approach that considers the role of both people and technology. This will ensure your business achieves maximum savings for the lowest outlay in the shortest time. 

We can help you reduce costs in several ways:

Measuring and checking

Our solutions can store, trend and distribute information about power consumption at all levels, from the shop floor to the board room, or anywhere in the world. 


Our team will help you implement an energy reduction plan using our knowledge and understanding of efficiencies in the production environment.

Energy Saving Products 

Our efficient drives and servos are designed to cut electricity consumption in energy-intensive environments. Developed for both OEMs and end users, our range is used across a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Case Study: Codd Mushrooms

Mitsubishi Electric was asked to lower the energy being consumed by Codd Mushrooms’ factory chilled water system. The resulting PLC based control solution using Mitsubishi Electric's variable speed drives delivered a saving of over 5400kWh in its first week alone. Based on this performance, the system has the potential to save up to €40,000 each year.

Mitsubishi Electric is recognised globally for its range of energy management solutions.

We are here to help your business become more sustainable and competitive through our knowledge of energy management. Whether you’re just starting to implement efficiency measures or need help optimising an existing plant, we are able to guide your business in the right direction. We use both software analytics and innovative hardware to build a clearer picture of how a site consumes energy. Together, these insights are used to identify and improve key processes that impact your rate of consumption.

Find out more:


Mitsubishi Electric’s EcoAdviser software identifies and quantifies energy losses based on powerful AI analysis. Factors closely correlating with energy loss are prioritised, so effective countermeasures can be implemented by site teams.

Frequency inverters

Advancements in our drives technology means we can control standard induction motors and the latest IPM high efficiency motors, resulting in reduced energy consumption in applications running at full speed from a standard drive.


If you are looking to save and conserve energy with rapid response times and a reduction in machine cycle durations, Mitsubishi Electric has an award-winning answer.

The MELSERVO series is a range of high-performance AC servos that achieved the ‘2020 Excellence in Energy-Saving Equipment and Systems Award’ from Japan’s Director-General of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. The award was in recognition of its energy saving capabilities.

Reduced machine cycles are achieved by the introduction of high-resolution encoders and enhanced tuning algorithms. Enabling our servos to achieve stable control by minimising torque fluctuations.