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Solutions for the Power industry

Requirements for increased flexibility, greater efficiency and improved predictability all impact on the Power Industry. At the same time, the sector must reduce outages, meet increasingly stringent legislative targets and integrate greater levels of renewables.

Effective control and automation holds the key to addressing these and other challenges within the power industry and Mitsubishi Electric offers comprehensive solutions for the whole industry, from MV and LV electrical systems at component level, right up to complete plant control systems.

Proven in power generation facilities across the world, Mitsubishi Electric is able to meet the needs of plant owners, maintenance providers or EPC suppliers for new plants.

Power plant control (DCS)

Mitsubishi Electric has extensive expertise in distributed control systems, built on a Power Plant control platform that extend from field instrumentation, through MV and LV switchgear, to automation level and up to process management systems and enterprise level, all built on a backbone of robust and reliable network systems.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a dedicated DCS solution for the Power Industry to ensure the highest levels of availability, while addressing requirements for expandability and flexibility.

Ideally suited to use in smaller regional or renewable plants, PMSX®pro is built on Mitsubishi Electric’s marketing leading expertise and experience with PLCs and DCS systems.

  • High availability, fault tolerant solution
  • Easy to use with intuitive operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Online engineering
  • Online expandability without disturbing operation
  • Engineering library of function blocks

Mitsubishi Electric’s services extend from component and software supply to installation and cabling, documentation, construction and complete project management.

Turbine control and protection

For operators of steam turbines, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the Turbiset control system to provide a simple upgrade path for turbines that may already have been in operation for a decade or more, and which could have an expected life of some 15-20 years.

Steam turbines are mission-critical equipment, and must be optimally controlled to extract the maximum energy from the steam. They must also be rigorously protected to ensure they remain reliable, safe and continue to operate 24/7.

The Turbiset steam turbine control and protection solution provides an answer to all of these issues. Built on Mitsubishi Electric’s market leading PLC and HMI hardware, with upgrades for existing PLC application programs, a typical Turbiset control configuration can include:

  • Steam controller
  • Extraction steam pressure controller
  • Back-pressure steam controller
  • Limiting controller
  • Temperature controllers
  • Turbine protection
  • Turbine process simulation
  • HMI application

Turbiset is independent of the original manufacturer of the turbine, providing a simple and effective upgrade path. Mitsubishi Electric is able to deliver all hardware along with control diagrams, converted PLC application programs, PLC program diagrams, a turbine process simulator environment, local HMI application, wiring schedules and training materials. At any point in the turbine’s life, operators can update the control system to current standards, delivering improved efficiency and reliability.

Electrical balance of plant

Mitsubishi Electric combines a full portfolio of technologies for the electrical balance of power plants with the capabilities for full engineering and design, project management, installation and commissioning. Thus Mitsubishi Electric can offer turnkey system integration of electrical balance of plant.

  • Engineering and design
  • Project management
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Complete protection solution
  • MV and LV switchgear
  • MCCs and transformers

With proven solutions for electrical balance in power plants around the world, Mitsubishi Electric is trusted to deliver efficient, reliable, safe and cost-efficient installations.

Smart Power

As operators increasingly look to balance a variety of assets using different energy sources – from conventional fossil fuels to renewables – across main power plants and substations, so more intelligent energy management strategies are required. Remote monitoring, control and management of PV, wind, hydro, fossil and hybrid plants and substations are needed, with increased visibility in the control room.

Mitsubishi Electric offers solutions from field level right up to supervisory level, including both DCS and SCADA technologies for the most effective plant management platforms including:

  • Virtual Power Plant Control
  • Hybrid Power Plant Control
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of renewable and conventional power generation assets

Further, providing the ability for operators to integrate and balance a range of different power sources, Mitsubishi Electric takes tools such as PMSX®pro DCS and the Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS) life-cycle software and combines these with other MV and control technologies to link individual electricity sources in a virtual power plant.

Addressing the impact of the introduction of renewables, the ageing of large power plants and the instability of oil and gas prices, the virtual and hybrid power plants provide an effective system to balance numerous variables in order to achieve an overall more predictable, economic and reliable supply system, with faster and more flexible response to fluctuations in the availability of different energy sources with the least cost possible.

Reliable control

Monitoring, operation and control of power plants are done by means of a distributed control system (DCS). Consequently, system availability is directly associated with overall plant availability. Therefore, a process management system has to be designed, structured, and configured in a manner that meets the high demands placed on availability, expandability, and flexibility. Mitsubishi Electric's solutions PMSX®pro and PMSX®micro have been developed to meet these demands.