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Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Our complete solution and application support contribute to improved quality and increased productivity for many kinds of manufacturing equipment.

Line speed stabilisation Tension stabilisation Improving coating thickness accuracy Reducing setup time
Stable drive of large-inertia rolls Preventing synchronisation loss between roll presses Stable tension control
Improving shape and slit position accuracy Efficient energy usage Improving tension stability on acceleration
Stabilising line for non-round winding shafts Improving accuracy for electrode cutting length Improving tension stability for sudden acceleration
Increase in synchronised drive shafts Speeding up stacking operation and improving separator tension fluctuation Correction of position errors between separators and electrodes
Easy sharing of data between devices Supporting various process configurations while standardizing equipment Sending large volumes of test data to upper-level systems in real time
Easy sharing of data between devices Standardize equipment while accommodating various process configurations

More information on Lithium-ion battery production

White paper - Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion battery manufacture is a demanding application environment, with pressure to increase yield and reduce waste while at the same time driving up the speed of production. And with rapid market growth on a global scale, manufacturers need to explore new avenues to gain a competitive advantage.

Data holds the key, but while data availability is huge, traditional monitoring of machine overview data is no longer sufficient to drive the productivity gains that are required. This paper examines how we can dig deeper for genuine insights in the operation.

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