MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Optimized automated system performance with PROSYST

PROSYST provides a global offer to support you through the whole life cycle of your automated systems, beginning from the design to the operation of industrial equipment. To better meet your needs in design, simulation, monitoring, and diagnosis of automated equipment, PROSYST develops innovative solutions resulting from its strong commitment in R&D.

The ODIL Engineering software platform is dedicated to describe, make available and exploit standards for automated system design. For example, ODIL allows the generation of the PLC code for Mitsubishi Electric's iQ-R range (including safety) via GX Works3.

The SIMAC software solution is dedicated to the simulation of automated systems for virtual commissioning. SIMAC has a connectivity server for physical and virtual simulation with iQ-R series and GX Works3.

The PROSYST genesis is linked to its know-how in the acquisition of signals and process data passing through industrial programmable controllers (PLC). This know-how gave rise to the AIDMAP software, to uDC and to the process data recorders AIDIAG range. These solutions are compatible with Mitsubishi Electric iQ-R PLC solutions in OPC DA and OPC UA thanks to the RD81OPC96 PLC module.