MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

3. Advanced training

The last of the three AcadeMy levels provides advanced multi-day in-presence training packages on Mitsubishi Electric solutions or applications and is aimed at technicians and maintenance engineers who wish to acquire multiple skills supported by an in-presence trainer and final certification.


  • iQWorks licence included at first enrolment
  • Provision of PDF documents and course exercises
  • Exercises via Demo
  • Simulator exercises for all participants

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The Solution package is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of Mitsubishi Electric and includes training and focus on both products, such as Robots and CPU Motion, and solutions for vertical markets such as Packaging, Process and LifeScience.


The Automation package is aimed both at newly recruited technicians who have no skills in the field of industrial automation (and can acquire them thanks to our Beginner course), and at technicians who are already competent in the field of industrial automation, but are unfamiliar with Mitsubishi Electric products (and can get to know them better thanks to the Expert course).

Package CUSTOM

In order to meet individual requirements, we have created the Custom Package, which provides "modular" courses based on the Package Solution courses and the "Intermediate" level. Any requests on customer-specific topics (e.g. specifications) will be considered with dedicated configurations and offers for a minimum package of 3 days.